At Rockridge Home, we consider ourselves a part of the wonderful, diverse and unique community of Oakland as a whole, and Rockridge in particular. Since we opened in 2003, we have donated tens of thousands of dollars in cash, product and in-kind services to the community at large, including hundreds of school and charitable fundraisers. To better serve our community and balance our resources, in recent years - rather than supporting all the great and many independent events, we have focused our charitable giving and community service in three areas:
Maintaining the Grounds of 
the Rockridge Public Library

As cutbacks in city services reduced the availability of library services and nearly eliminated grounds upkeep, it was time for the community to step up. Rockridge Home answered the call of President Obama when he took office, organizing our first community clean-up day on Martin Luther King Day. Since then, we have taken on the responsibility to help to maintain the grounds of the Rockridge Branch Library of the Oakland Public Library System. Several times a year we organize a community clean-up of the grounds.

Please join us at the next Rockidge Library Community Clean Up Day you can keep up with us and be alerted of future clean-up days by signing up for our email newsletter.
Supplying the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse,, is an ecological treasure trove of arts and crafts materials, educational supplies, home decor, paper goods, fabric, and much more. Founded in 1979 by two Oakland public school teachers, the Depot promotes solid waste diversion and resource conservation through the Depot store and environmental education programs. Rockridge Home provides a variety of supplies and excess inventory. As a Certified Green Business, it is particularly important to us that our 
'left overs' are re-used, rather than sent to land fill.
Supporting A Friendly Place

A Friendly Place, located in Oakland, offers homeless women a safe refuge during the day where they are welcomed with genuine hospitality, are treated with dignity and respect and where they can take care of their basic needs. Rockridge Home provides soaps, body care and other comforts.

Supporting Safer Rockridge

The mission of Safer Rockridge is to increase the safety of Lower Rockridge by providing unarmed “eyes and ears only” private security patrols to the neighborhood during peak crime hours using community funding.
Adopting Two City Drains

Since we are open everyday, we are always on hand to help clear the local drains and help keep our streets safe and clean.
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